Beekeepers' Society

of South Australia

Mentoring Help

A list of mentors is available for new or existing members to help in any facet of beekeeping. Please contact the Secretary at office(at) (replace at with @)

Practical Help

Members have available to them Field Days, where experienced beekeepers will demonstrate, educate and get you ‘hands-on’ with the bees.

Please see the Events pages for Field Day events. The Club has available to them, standard hives, a top-bar hive and a new Flow Hive.”


Whether you have had a hive for some time, or are just starting out, the Club has many highly experienced beekeepers who have offered to help new beekeepers, on a one-on-one basis.

It may be that your are unsure on whats going on under the lid, need help re-queening your hive, or are experimenting with new types of hives, there will mentor to help you through this.

NOTE: The way this mentoring is delivered is a negotiation between yourself and the beekeeper.


If you have a problem with a swarm our swarm page will help you out.